Mr. Matsumura is a very brave man.

Dragon lives in his workroom.

Dragon hides his treasure paper in the mountain with smoke screen of plenty papers.

He sometimes needs some important paper .

Then he tries to take back the paper from dragon. He is so brave and he goes into mountain and he fights against dragonfs power. He get back important paper in his hand!

He succeeds the adventure and he wins . The dragon is strong so it isnft defeated by a single fight. But dragon is damaged and smoke screen is thinning and the mountain becomes a little small.

He looks so proud and smiley!

Bind him his supporters are also glad and yell. Support members are Jolanta, Shigemi, Haruyo, Ikuko & Masako.

One day Fairy comes in his workroom and whisper to Mr. Matsumura gDragon looks against you, but in another aspect, dragon keeps your important papers in the mountain. It may be convenient for you. In future you may be able to subjugate dragon by giving good attention : hOh! You have a nice power which keeps mountain not to fall down.h